Rat prevention

Rats are a general problem in Glasgow.  They can spread serious diseases which can be transmitted to people, particularly if people come in contact with water or plants that a rat has urinated on.  Rats like to eat strawberries for example and rats urinate everywhere.  Rats have been seen from time to time in the Kelvinside allotment sites.  The council has pest control officers who will supply bait boxes containing rat poison.  However at the 2019 AGM it was clear that some KAA members .feel these boxes  pose a risk, particularly to children and to animals other than rats.  The committee is happy to notify the council if a member wants a bait box, but feels that it is preferable to keep rats away from the allotments so that the need for poisoning can be kept to an absolute minimum.  Click here for a document  with ideas for discouraging rats from staying on the plot.